Zinc Nickel
* Barrel & rack processing capabilities
* ELV, RHOS & WHEE compliant plating solutions
* IMDS registered products
* Clear & black trivalent chrome III passivates compliant with ELV, RHOS & WHEE directives
* Torque ā€˜nā€™ tension fluids to provide low co efficient of friction on threaded components
* Corrosion performances in excess of 1000 hrs to red rust based upon 5-6ums plate thickness

Acid Zinc
* Barrel & rack processing capabilities
* Barrel plating totally Hexavalent Chrome VI free
* Barrel solutions fully ELV, RHOS and WHEE compliant
* Passivate systems all Trivalent Chrome III
* Macdermid JS500 & High phosphorus Electroless nickel CAT spec 2072C approved applicator
* Rack plating capabilities as above and inclusive of yellow Chrome VI passivate
* Finishes inclusive of clear, yellow, black and bleached using JS500 & JS2000 top coats
* Two dedicated de-embrittlement ovens up to 250 degrees Celsius

* Rack & Barrel processing capabilities
* Zinc & Manganese solutions
* Calcium modified zinc solution to provide: Light weight 3-9 grams per sq m Heavy weight 10-30 grams per sq m
* Manganese solution to provide coat weights of 10-30 grams per sq m
* Oiled & un-oiled as required
* DEF-STAN and Royal Ordinance compliant system

Electroless Nickel
* Barrel & rack processing capabilities
* Medium phosphorous system to provide combined hardness & corrosion resistance
* Plate hardness of between 450 ā€“ 550 vickers
* Thickness depositions up to 40ums
* Immersion process for precision components
* Dedicated heat treatment oven for increased wear resistance

Nickel & Chrome
* Rack plating capabilities
* Nickel & chrome plating to service condition standards ISO 1456 & 1457 (1,2,3,4) for decorative coated finishes
* Copper underlay where required
* Trivalent decorative chrome III solution which is ELV, RHOS & WHEE compliant

Other Finishes
* Tin rack & barrel
* Copper rack & barrel
* Nickel barrel
* Chemical blacking rack & barrel
* Anodising (clear, blue, black, red)
* Stainless steel passivation