Leicester Plating operates an environmental management system which is accredited to BS EN 14001:2004.

Leicester Plating are environmentally aware and work closely with the local authorities and adhere strictly to water authority consents to discharge.

Our chemical storage facilities meet all current regulations and we ensure safeguards are maintained at all times to protect the environment and our staff.

All our employees maintain an environmental code of conduct ensuring chemicals are kept in the correct containers and separate to avoid contamination.

Leicester Plating are committed to reducing its impact on the environment through eliminating classified heavy metals (cadmiun, mercury, lead and hexavalent chrome VI) whilst adhering to regulatory legislation.

Environment Agency:
“The management and disposal of hazardous waste continues to undergo a steep
change. In the longer term, we expect treatment technology to further reduce the impacts of hazardous waste on the environment. We recognise the need to provide regulatory certainty to help the sector plan future investment.”